Phone systems have been the core of our business since 1980.

Man plugging electronic cables into an electronic hub

Our mode of operation has always been to implement and install an end-to-end solution. With the phone systems of the past the hardware, the carrier, and the cabling made up the entire phone system from start to finish.

With VoIP, all that changed. A business phone system became a part of the IT network, sharing resources and demanding additional connectivity integrations during deployment. In 2005, we chose ShoreTel as our VoIP partner, and committed to continue to serve our customers by taking responsibility for the end-to-end solution. With the addition of our ShoreTel partnership and our commitment to the new VoIP landscape, we built out a network solutions engineering team and scaled our business to offer what we believe to be a unique customer service experience throughout the implementation. In some cases, our customers have asked us to provide diagnostic consultation to evaluate their current network and recommend a VoIP solution that meets their business objectives while minimizing compromises.

In 2017, Mitel acquired ShoreTel’s UCaaS platform.  Moving forward, TTx will continue to partner with Mitel, while also adding partnerships with Brocade network solutions, Ruckus Wireless, InSpeed networks, and Datto data protection services to provide support for unified communications solutions.


There is a reason why the rise of SaaS has grown an entire industry of implementation consultants, and that is because the complexity of IT integrations requires expertise; not only on the features of the software being installed, but also in effective change management. Deployments of the past required very few stakeholders, and was deemed successful if the phones rang the following day. Today’s deployments include call center and CRM integrations, reporting, and business critical data that intersects with many sections of the organizational chart. In order to effectively manage change, an IT Director needs to take all of the tangential variables of a phone system integration into consideration, and we believe it is our job to support every facet with you.