Optimize Your Wi-Fi Network with Ruckus Wireless

Innovative Wireless Solutions: Reliable, focused, configurable coverage with unprecedented mobility and reliability, without loss of signal quality.

Fast, Reliable, Flexible Technology With Plug-and-Play Ease

From routers to switches to management software, Ruckus has you covered. With their innovative “BeamFlex” technology, Ruckus Wireless routers are the perfect wireless solution. The Wi-Fi antennas in a Ruckus Wireless Access point dynamically create up to 4,000 antenna patterns, automatically accommodating different and changing environments. WLAN architecture is intuitive and flexible, with on-premise and cloud options, and their switches give you linear scaling, longer life, and lower total cost of ownership. Their security and policy management software can secure just about any device, while providing powerful analytics tools. Call us today to learn how we can help you optimize your Wi-Fi network with Ruckus Wireless products.

  • Wi-Fi Access Points: Zoneflex indoor and outdoor wireless access points provide excellent scalability and performance
  • Smart Wireless Services & Software: Ruckus SWS is a full suite of cloud-based WLAN services for security, analytics, and location solutions on top of the Smart Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • System Management & Control: Ruckus offers the industry’s largest selection of control and management platforms, flexible and scalable for your unique business needs. Access points (APs) are interoperable with all architectures, for ultimate flexibility if your business or technical needs change
  • Campus Network Switches: Access and backbone stackable switches provide a complete, scalable, reliable network solution that can also operate in hybrid-port mode, so that you can transition seamlessly from traditional protocols to SDN without disruption

More schools than ever before have school wireless access. This technology could be an educational game changer with the potential to boost student achievement and improve the quality of instruction. But barriers stand in the way.

Wifi is now a necessity, not a luxury, in the K12 learning environment. Read this white paper to learn how slow or inadequate wifi could be interfering with your school’s instruction.



Interested in operationalizing your capital expenses with a monthly pricing model?

Our revolutionary service called Maven allows us to “unbundle” the major decision variables associated with the cloud/premise conversation. We have successful Mitel clients who are, for example, financing a phone system with on-premise hardware, located in their building, being managed by their staff. Most systems today combine major decision variables into bundles forcing you to compromise your priorities. However, with Maven, you no longer have to make sacrifices.

TTx Maven allows us to deconstruct the “bundled” plan, isolate the most important variable for your organization, and construct the system to match your business requirements to deliver a solution that up until now has been impossible.

Find your Customized Voice Solution with TTX Maven