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Bring VoIP telephony, instant messaging, video conferencing, mobility, presence and collaboration features into a seamless environment.

Optimize Your Communication

Today’s workforce is more varied and geographically dispersed. That makes collaboration more challenging – and more important – than ever. With our applications, you can collaborate the way that works best for you, including voice and video calling, instant messaging, web presentation and collaboration with audio, web and video conferencing. Bring these tools together in an integrated system that facilitates seamless communications anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Integrate your organization with a communications approach that is reliable, secure, and interoperable with current systems. Maximize your business with systems that are robust and scalable up past 65,000 users, featuring deployment and integration flexibility, while protecting your current investments.

What are real customers saying?

“Any solution is only as good as the people that are implementing it. Good people make good solutions great, and vise-versa. Not only did we pick a good technology solution, but in TTx, we picked a good vendor who had the staff and resources to create a fantastic partnership experience.”
— Whitney Kuszmaul, Director of IT, Cleveland Guardians

“The product just plain works. The best decision I’ve made in some time. Mitel has, hands down, the best bang for the buck.”
— CIO, Healthcare, 1000-4999 concurrent users

“We had a very short implementation window due to a Cisco phone system failure, and the project still came off without any significant issues. Phone system cutovers have never gone smoothly my entire career, however, this implementation would be the exception.”
— CIO, $100M business

“With the guidance of TTx, ShoreTel quickly became the clear choice.”

-Whitney Kuszmaul, Director of IT for the Cleveland Indians



Interested in operationalizing your capital expenses with a monthly pricing model?

Our revolutionary service called Maven allows us to “unbundle” the major decision variables associated with the cloud/premise conversation. We have successful Mitel clients who are, for example, financing a phone system with on-premise hardware, located in their building, being managed by their staff. Most systems today combine major decision variables into bundles forcing you to compromise your priorities. However, with Maven, you no longer have to make sacrifices.

TTx Maven allows us to deconstruct the “bundled” plan, isolate the most important variable for your organization, and construct the system to match your business requirements to deliver a solution that up until now has been impossible.

Find your Customized Voice Solution with TTX Maven