Business VoIP Consultation

Is your network VoIP ready? | What kind of system do you need? | Why should you change now?

laptop on table displaying charts and graphs

We can help you answer these questions along with dozens of other questions you may be asking when it comes to your business voice system. Navigating the recent changes in the VoIP market is no easy task. That’s why we start our clients off with expert-driven consultation to determine what you need, why you need it, and how to get there.

TTx will…

  • Examine existing infrastructure
  • Analyze users and locations
  • Determine your desired business model (cloud, on-premise, both)
  • Evaluate needs, objectives, and new technologies

The amount of users and locations often drives the project specifications. Whether you have an increasingly mobile workforce or a more centralized office model, business communications are evolving rapidly as new devices and applications are introduced and used by both employees and customers. Integrating these new technologies with your existing infrastructure seamlessly is a challenge, and TTx’s expertise is end-to-end, offering expert guidance to help your business communications evolve as technology evolves.

What if you need a custom voice solution?

Through a unique process we call Maven, we will help guide you in choosing the unified communications and managed services options that best fit your business model: cloud services, on-premise, or a combination of both. We want your business needs to drive the solution, not the other way around.

Maven is the process that allows TTx to configure those options based on your business priorities. You’re no longer required to make compromises based on the most important priority of your specific business. Maven allows us to provide solutions that, up until now, have been impossible.

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