Brock Ross

Project Manager

Project Management

Professional Background

Brock Ross joined TTx in 2021 and works as a Project Manager.
“As a project manager, I am the face and voice to our clients/partners on the operations side of the company. I am not only hosting meetings but staying in contact with our clients to reassure project expectations, timelines and scope of work.”

Brock’s personality (ENFJ) is classified as “The Protagonist” who is the warm, forthright type, loves helping others, and tends to have strong ideas and values. He backs his perspective with the creative energy to achieve his goals.

“As a protagonist, I have a tendency to put others before myself in projects. I never want to leave a customer, engineer or sales executive hanging. I push myself to always give quick responses to emails, help out with troubleshooting or give feedback to push a project across the finish line.”

What brings you joy at work?

“Being able to work with all assets of the TTx business. Each new project allows me to collaborate with TTx team members.”

What brings you joy outside of work?

“Spending time with my fiancée, Lindsay. Whether that is hiking with our dog, Parker, hunting down a new local restaurant to try or spending time with friends and family.”